Pricing policy

In the following, you can find the BitaBIZ Pricing policy.

Pricing policy

We invoice based on:

1. the BitaBIZ modules activated to your subscription,

2. the number of employees (active users*) added to your BitaBIZ account,

3. the number of SMS messages** sent,

These are the “Pricing Metrics” that are used to calculate your invoice. We invoice each quarter in advance based on what your Pricing Metrics were on the last day of that quarter.

Payment deadline from invoice date 14 days.

*Inactive users are not part of the “Pricing Metrics”. History/ data on inactive users can be saved or deleted according to local legislation requirements.
**SMS messages are invoiced based on actual consumption in the previous quarter.

The customer has access to manage the “Pricing Metrics” by activating or deactivating modules and users.

Subscription remuneration indexed by DST published in January. The amendment regulates subscription remuneration from the nearest following 1. April.

BitaBIZ Pricing Policy accompanies BitaBIZ Terms & Conditions (System2 25.05.2018).