Service Level Agreement

In the following, you can find the BitaBIZ Service level agreement.

Service Level Agreement

1. Target Availability. BitaBIZ will use commercially reasonable efforts to make our service available with an uptime of 99.8% of each calendar month (“Target Availability”).

2. Scheduled Maintenance.
“Scheduled Maintenance” means BitaBIZ scheduled routine maintenance of the platform. Scheduled Maintenance will not exceed (8) hours per month. BitaBIZ typically performs Scheduled Maintenance each week. After 9 am (CET +GMT).

3. Exclusions.
The calculation of uptime will not include unavailability to the extent due to: (a) use of the service by customer in a manner not authorized in this Agreement or the applicable Documentation; (b) general Internet problems, force majeure events or other factors outside of BitaBIZ reasonable control; (c) customer’s equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure; (d) third party systems, acts or omissions; or (e) Scheduled Maintenance or reasonable emergency maintenance.

4. Scheduled maintenance and downtime
are published on the BitaBIZ status page:

BitaBIZ Service Level Agreement accompanies BitaBIZ Terms & Conditions (System2 25.05.2018).